Booking form stripe and generating invoice

I want to create a booking form on my website for people to book courses and pay with stripe, but I also want it to raise an invoice in quickfile, is there a way to do this ?

The courses are not on specific dates, the customer selects the name of the course and a date. There is some stuff out there to produce forms and even to add payment with stripe but I really want it to produce an invoice in quickfile as this will save a lot of time than otherwise typing in the information from the form into quickfile

You would have to use the API

Take a look here:

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Ah ok, I have had a look at that link and have no Idea what to do with it really. Is there a checkout option that integrates with quickfile instead? It doesn’t have to be a form, just a way for the customer to purchase a product and an invoice raised by quickfile

If you’re able export a CSV of all your sales from Stripe you can import them into a QuickFile bank account, tag them and create all the invoices. Obviously this is not an automated process, the only way to truly automated this would be to use the API, which does require some programming experience.

@EnochCollege - I’ve sent you a PM regarding the API.

Thanks guys, I have discovered an API key on stripe so maybe this will help, if not will use the CSV format.

The API key on Stripe will allow you to integrate it into a different application (such as setting it up with QuickFile). To actually integrate it with your own web site, as @Glenn said, it does require some programming knowledge.

Now am confused lol I thought I understood and gave up because I am not a programmer, until you said the key is to integrate with quickfile.

People can buy from my website using stripe that is the easy bit, its just a case of integrating stripe with any plugin I use similar to the link on the invoices in quickfile. I know a few wordpress plugins I can use to do this with

Its just a case of when people buy from my site and pay with stripe that then from stripe quickfile is updated, if its the key that does that as you just said I just need to paste it into the right box?

The API key is only relevant for developing a programming interface between Stripe and a 3rd party like QuickFile. All the tools are there to do what you are suggesting although we would probably leave it open for other developers to jump in and build the link. There are so many payment providers now it’s impossible for us to develop a full integration for each one.

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