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Bookkeping business

Any pieces of advice for creating a bookkeping business using quickfile?. I am ACCA partqualified and I work in a company industry but I am considering to have my own business in the future. I use quickfile because I help my wife with her company…I love the community of quickfile. If anybody had similar experience and can share with me, I would appreciate it

First bit of advice would be to check if your governing body allows you to do Bookkeeping for others. I think they do but unsure. You’ll need to find an accountant to work with who can sign off your work at year end because from what you say it sounds like you don’t have a practising certificate.

If you have any specific questions I’d be happy to try and answer them

Many thanks for your answer, I have not practising certificate as you said but reading the ACCA guidelines, for doing bookkeping to Trial Balance is not necessary to have it, isn’t it?. It is true that I can not submit tax, company accounts, give proper opinions to be used by third parties (banks…) .There are grey areas that I am not sure if I could do like management accounting internal reports, can I create internal reports , budgets, forecast for helping small business. In long term I would like to collaborate with a accounting and build up from there to do proper accounting & tax(when I finish my exams) .
I guess for bookkeping I would need an insurance and maybe I should join a bookkeping association
which recognise my certifications acquired so far . I will write my governing body first.

Yes that sounds about right. You seem to be on the right track.

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