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Border set around "invoice-items". How to do the same for "comment-items"?

I have CSS text so that each invoice item is enclosed by a border using the following ;

.invoice-items-body-cell {
border:1pt solid #CCCCCC;
.invoice-items-tbl {
border:1pt solid #CCCCCC;

But how to acheive the same affect for “comment-items”?

I have checked the list of “Label Names” http://www.quickfile.co.uk/resources/language but there is no mention of the label when an invoice item has been converted to a comment line.

Please would you advise the appropriate label names so that a border can also be included around comments.

You can find the appropriate classes if you right click and “inspect element” when you’re viewing the invoice preview in QuickFile:

Screenshot 2020-11-16 at 11.30.27

so it looks like


is the selector you need. If you’re not familiar with CSS, the leading dot (.) is when you want to select by class, you can also use things like a leading # to select by id and there’s all sorts of more complex things you can select by e.g.


chooses the even-numbered rows, so you can do a kind of zebra stripe effect applying a background colour to every other row.

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