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Hello, for the last 2 years I’ve completely missed that there is no figure in box 8 of my VAT returns despite making a lot of sales in the EU. We have now ticked the box ‘customer registered for vat in another EC country’ (this has never been checked before now and seems a bit nonsensical since our customers are NOT vat registered), but a read in a forum somewhere that this is the reason box 8 is empty. The country on the sales invoice is is an EU country but still box 8 is empty on the return.

How to I get the VAT return to show a value in the box for VAT on EU sales?

My return is due in the next couple of days + I want to correct the last 2 years error so urgent help would be much appreciated!

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If you search “Box 8” on this forum you’ll find quite a few discussions on this subject.

Whether Box 8 is populated depends on whether the supplies are for goods or services.

HI Glen I have only found one thread that relates to my actual question. I have tried the suggestion but box 8 is still not populating.

We are selling products to end consumers in the EU so ticking that box doesn’t seem obvious. However, we’ve tried both ticked and unticked and it’s still empty

In order to populate BOX 8 on the Quickfile VAT return. I had to specify the clients country and also tick the box- VAT Registered in another EC Member State which is found under modify client details.
Most of our customers are not registered for VAT in their respective countries but this was the only way I could get the software to populate BOX 8 on the return. (and this step is not obvious to me).
Could anyone shed some light as to why it is required to select the VAT registered box, this is irrespective of if the customer is VAT registed or not, for the software to automatically add this amount to BOX 8.
Any insight would be welcome

that was from this thread Box 8 Quickfile VAT return Total value of supplies to EC states ex VAT

I still can’t make sense of it

Are you charging VAT to your clients in the EU or are you reverse charging the VAT?

we are charging VAT on supplies

Providing you have this option checked on your client settings any new invoice created should feature on box 8.

If you flagged this after the invoice was created, try going back to the invoice and re-saving.

HI Glen I’ll check all this and try re-saving the invoices again tomorrow. VAT reg. in another EC mamber state is defintely checked and country is in EU…

thanks for your help

No problem, let me know if that works… If not I will jump into your account and have a quick look.

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