Box 8 Quickfile VAT return Total value of supplies to EC states ex VAT


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In order to populate BOX 8 on the Quickfile VAT return. I had to specify the clients country and also tick the box- VAT Registered in another EC Member State which is found under modify client details.
Most of our customers are not registered for VAT in their respective countries but this was the only way I could get the software to populate BOX 8 on the return. (and this step is not obvious to me).
Could anyone shed some light as to why it is required to select the VAT registered box, this is irrespective of if the customer is VAT registed or not, for the software to automatically add this amount to BOX 8.
Any insight would be welcome

I see your point, although this is simply a wording issue, as the box would need to be ticked when supplying a client in another EC Member State whether they’re registered or not.

If the client was VAT registered and the VAT was reversed charged, then on the invoice level the box ‘VAT Exempt’ would need to be ticked.

If your customers are B2C or even B2B non vat registered in EU, you have to charge them vat on selling goods, no need to show in box8 i guess as its not subject to reverse charge or EC sales list disclosure

OK I understand, box8 concerns VAT exempt purchases with VAT registered customers in the EU.

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