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Box ac70 and ac80


Called up share capital and profit and loss account

So I started with the ltd company as £1 share capital

Paid out £24000 dividends since 2014 and although my accountants was doing my accounts the 1st couple of years I decided to do it myself but its occurred to me that I may have been reporting the capital shares incorrectly since 2017

Can someone please send me an example

Might be easier if you post an example of how you have been recording share capital.

Unless you have issued new shares, your share capital doesn’t change, so should still be £1.
Your profit and loss (retained profits) is added to each year when you run the year-end process and represents your accumulated profits and losses since the start less dividends.

So whatever figure is in the profit and loss minus any dividend is my retained profit so would this figure be reported anywhere on the ct600

The Ct600 would have a set of ixrbl compliant statutory accounts attached to it, which will include balance sheet entries.

Retained profit is not just net profit minus dividends paid.

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