Bridging Vat return Need help uploading excel Information

I have got as far as linking to the HMRC. The red open box and clicked on prepare the next Vat Return but can’t type in figures. How do I upload from an excel spreadsheet please?

Hello @karleynon

You do not type in the figures, the return takes the totals from your spreadsheet.

You would have a totals page on your spreadsheet with the vat box 1-9 totals listed.

You then “Map” the return to the totals

Here is our guide on vat bridging

Hi Steve,
I got as far as point 9 the ‘mapping bit’ where and how do I do that? I have clicked the export tab top right and it downloaded an excel spreadsheet on my computer. How do I get onto bullet point 9 or 10?

Hello @karleynon

I have just checked and you do not have the vat bridging option selected in Reports > Vat Returns > Settings

Ah thanks Steve!. Do i get an invoice for the £45 next quarter?

Hello @karleynon

When you next try and do a vat return you will see this (Reports > Vat Returns > Create > Prepare).

When you “click here” on the message you are then given the option to purchase a power user subscription

(once purchased you can vide invoices in Account Settings > All Settings > QuickFile Billing

thanks Steve goodbye

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