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BrightPay for their 2017-18 edition have introduced a journal out facility that currently has options for: Exact, Kashflow, Quickbooks, Sage and Zero. It also has an option to create a generic journal. Is it possible to import these journals into to Quickfile or are there any plans to introduce mapping from BrightPay to Quickfile?

Hi @Christopher_Dingle

I’m not familiar with these exports. Would you mind if I sent you a private message for you to send me a copy, and I’ll happily take a quick look for you?

No problem at all. Send me a message through and I’ll export one for you.

Great - thanks! Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner

I would be interested in this too if it’s something you can integrate

Just to add that Brightpay rocks, so any integration would be great. - Also similar to QF a low level of Brightpay usage is free so you probably share a lot of the same users/potential paying customers.

Because of the nature of the the payroll process, it’s much more likely that they’ll need to push the data to QuickFile rather than us pulling it in.

After the original post above, I personally reached out to BrightPay to see what integration options that have in general. As of yet, I’m still waiting for a response.

But to side note that - we are happy to work with most packages in terms of integrations, to allow them to pull data from and push data to QuickFile. We have also recently developed our API further to allow this to be achieved easier.

Has there been any movement with the integration of Brightpay? I see more integrations been added on the Brightpay site, would love to see Quickfile amongst them?


Just adding my voice to this one. It would be great to see BrightPay integrate directly with quickFile for Payroll Journals. If this isn’t going to be forthcoming then it would also be great to be able to import the Payroll Journal export from BrightPay to QuickFile manually. Within BrightPay I created a generic journal mapping and was able to export the journal to CSV. If there was some way to manually import this into QuickFile then this would be very useful.

I export the journal mapping from Brightpay and import as a trial balance into Quickfile, this creates a payrol journal for me, it is a workaround but works well for now, there are posts within the forum on how to do this.

Great news. Brightpay 21/22 has a Quickfile journal export option.

However, the documentation for this states " Sign into your QuickFile account, where prompted to do so. Your BrightPay app token can be found on the QuickFile Marketplace.". I can’t see this on the marketplace. It could be that I need to wait until 21/22 starts but was just trying to see how it works.

That’s very good news. Here is the link to the Brightpay documentation: QuickFile - BrightPay Documentation

Very exciting news for all BrightPay users:


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