Bring back Google login for the forum

I used to be able to log in to the forum with my Google account, but now it isn’t there. Can we have it back?

Hi @Healthpay

The forums aren’t actually made by QuickFile. I believe there is already a topic on this. Bear with me and I’ll try and find it

I think I may have been wrong with there being an existing topic! I’m not sure if Discourse still supports Google login, but as I said above, unfortunately it’s not made by QuickFile so it’s out of our control - sorry

@techAPJ do we need to manually enable Google OAuth 2 for our forum?

I think the old Google login was deprecated right?

Yes, as I can see in Admin settings, the Google login is not set up.

Here is the howto guide for configuring Google OAuth2 login:

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I used the Google sign-on option when logging in to the community previously, and haven’t logged in for sometime as I couldn’t figure how to login in as I had forgotten that I actually even had a login separate from the Google login.

I see that someone has already highlighted the issue here: Bring back Google login for the forum is there any plans to get this switched back on?

@Healthpay @dagayveggi We’ve just updated the forum to bring back the Google login option.

Any problems, let me know!

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Amazing thank you @Glenn

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Excellent, thanks - plus a few words to get past the limit!

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