Bringing QF & account up to date and VAT supplier numbers

I started trading last year and have fallen behind in my accounts.
So I am entering all my historical purchases into QF and creating the suppliers as I go within the ‘New Purchase’ category.
Once my accounts are up to date I will be begin the process of being VAT registered.
When I am VAT registered will I have to have a complete record of all supplier VAT registration numbers for my VAT return? Or just the VAT paid in total for the quarter and a record of receipts?

When I go registered I can claim the VAT paid on assets and stock still held for the previous four years, so if I have one asset purchase from a supplier I will only use once, would it be a good idea to be entering in their VAT number now as I am recording / handling that receipt now so making this one of four year VAT claim will be easier within QF or will the simple VAT total be enough?

I hope this makes sense.

Hi, you don’t generally need a record of supplier VAT numbers in order to do your return. Potentially there could be an enquiry/general check from HMRC in the future (they like to do a VAT check on most newly registered businesses in the first couple of years) but at that stage they would want to see the actual invoices anyway so they would see the VAT numbers as part of that.
When you submit your VAT returns to HMRC all they see is the totals of the sales, purchases, and corresponding VAT. All of the backup info stays on the report in Quickfile.

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Thanks for your helpful reply.
Another one for you, I bought a cider press from an Austrian supplier and paid them VAT at their rate of 20%. Do you know if I can claim VAT back from overseas suppliers?


No, my understanding is that there is no way to reclaim Austrian VAT, either from the UK authorities or the Austrian authorities. Generally the best way to avoid it is to give them your VAT number when you order the product so that they don’t charge VAT to start with…which I appreciate is not helpful advice to you now! You could try approaching them once you do have a VAT number and see if they are prepared to refund the VAT element.