Budget or forecast

I think this question has come up a lot and to my knowledge, there is no facility to do this but,
does anyone know of good software that could possibly integrate?

I don’t know of any software that would integrate, but I use YouNeedABudget.com alongside Quickfile to budget and forecast. It was recommended on Quickfile Community several years ago in answer to a similar question. I’ve been using it for about 7 years now and would be lost without it! You can have several separate budgets on one subscription, which makes it easy to keep track of personal finances as well as business. There are plenty of free tutorials and webinars and excellent customer support to help you get the best out of the software. While the system is based on only budgeting the money you have in your account, as you enter upcoming transactions you can immediately see how they impact the rolling balance on your bank account, giving an extremely accurate cash flow forecast day by day. You NeedABudget is to budgeting and forecasting what Quickfile is to book-keeping!

In addition to MaryJ post. You can connect quickfile and YouNeedA Budget via Zapier. It’s easy to use.
Have a look here if you are interested:

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