Budget & Variance Reports

Me again. Apologies for another post this eve. I’m batching my ideas out. Would it possible to create a budget within the nominals? That could then appear on a P&L with percentage variances? Love Quickfile, and even if this feature was only avail on affinity - it would be more than worth it thanks guys.

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I agree I’m sure it could be a feature that would be beneficial. It’s not something we’re working on at the moment and it probably wouldn’t be a simple implementation, especially setting different targets for different periods and also handling changes to the underlying accounting periods. But if we get further interest and clarification on exactly what users would be looking for here we can discuss further.

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This would be really beneficial for impressing clients, and would avoid monthly/quarterly “Excel Hell”. It would also steal a march on those “Kashflow” bods. TASbooks had a really simple budget facility that worked OK on month by month basis, and also coughed out an annual budget summary which worked nicely as an overall control

This is something we are very keen on - I need a simple way of setting out an initial budget and spend profile again ledger codes - then track against income/spend. Nobody else seems to be doing this - we would be happy to beta test. (I would have voted for the other ‘Budget’ feature request but the post was closed - so here’s my VOTE YES!)

I recently had a demo of a new product called “Gearshift”. It was demonstrated as a plug-in API for Kashflow and I thought it was pretty nifty, much better than Smeebi which took hours to load. It handles budgets, forecasts, cashflow forecasts, actual v budget reports etc , offers a performance dashboard, and can be used standalone with manual data entry.

They were chasing me to subscribe, so I suggested that they might get in touch with our Quickfile friends to see if there were any opportunities for synergistic collaboration. Maybe that’s a better option than in-house programming?

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That would be great!

Any progress on this? Budgets are a must! Power is nothing without control :grinning:

Unfortunately there isn’t any progress here. However, we are still open to working with another software provider who does this already to enable it to work with QuickFile.

We will be sure to update the thread with any updates, as we do with any feature requests.

I’d like to add a vote for a budget tool within Quickfile!

Budget vs Actual can easily be achieved using Excel, Power Query and Power Pivot (in built into newer versions of Excel). By using the Quickfile back up zip (giving you actual data). You can then compare this against predefined data in Excel (your budget).

The Power Query is linked to the folder where you unzip your Quickfile back up data. Thus making the whole process just a “Refresh Data” in Excel/Power Pivot when you update/change the back up data.

I’m not sure how this process can be converted into an app? However by Quickfile providing the back up data as a CSV file this is easily achieved in Excel/Power Pivot.

Over the coming days I’m going to see if you can work directly with Power BI to achieve this.

It would be good to have this facility

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Would you be willing to share how this can be set up to be relatively automatic in Excel, but especially in Power BI?

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Hi Patrick

If I mention the words Excel Power Query, Power Pivot, Excel Tables does this sound familiar to you…?