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BUG RETURNED ? 4009 Discounts Allowed Error on Cash Based P&L Report

Hi Beth

Re: 4009 Discounts Allowed Error on Cash Based P&L Report

Thank you for advising that the above error was fixed, but I ran the report again today and the problem is still there - or perhaps has returned following an update!?

Basically, any ‘discounts’ (code 4009) given to customers in order to reduce an item’s cost, should be reported as reducing total turnover not increasing it.

Currently, the report is still artificially inflating turnover (total sales values) instead of decreasing it.

Could you please check again with the developers to see if this was in fact fixed, but somehow has reverted to the error again please?

Your help is much appreciated.
Kind regards

Hi @mickrich

I have let the developers know that this is still an issue and will get back to you asap

Hi @mickrich

We have had a look into your account and can see that the report was created before the fix went live. It was using a snapshot of your data:

we have refreshed and it appears to be showing correctly.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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