Bulk change incorrect postings - further discussion

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Hi Glenn, the bulk change for nominal postings is a very welcome feature, thank you.

I noticed that you can’t move postings from the suspense account though, which is probably the one account where most of the movements will be done from, is there a technical reason as to why this can’t be done?

That’s good to hear!

The Suspense account is a system controlled account. Moving entries out of here would have adverse effects on numerous other areas within the system. The counter entry for all bank transactions reside on suspense until they are tagged, detagging reverts the counter entry back to suspense.

The system needs full control over the suspense code for bank tagging to function, so unfortunately we can’t allow entries here to be moved. Tagging all your bank entries will reduce the suspense balance, the only other aspect that affects suspense is bank opening balances, best way to deal with these is with a journal.

Okay I understand.
ON the subject of bank opening balances (of which I have 8!), where should I post those journal entries to?

When you enter the o/b from within the bank account area, QF produces an entry against the bank account, and an entry against the suspense account. Is it just a case of going into that entry and moving the suspense account posting to another account? -maybe a new dedicated opening balance nominal account?


I was trying to change the code from 6001 Cost of Sales Labour.

@gino this is a good question, one that is actually getting asked more and more…maybe time for a guide? Unfortunately the answer is not simple and depends on how that balance was made up. See the following comment I made earlier today on a different thread.

This is very much dependent on your previous accounting records. Normally you would take the trial balance from your previous accounting software and import this on the date you want to transition to QuickFile, this would then fully explain any bank opening balances.

How the journal would look depends entirely on how that opening balance was derived (e.g. preceding sales, expenditure etc). Unfortunately it’s not something we can advise upon but I would recommend having a chat with your accountant who should be able to assist.

@josephtmills oddly 6001 was not specifically marked as a purchased code, not sure why but I’ve updated it so it should now allow bulk movements.

Hi Glenn

I just want to add my appreciation for this feature. Its very handy to have.

For me its more useful to change an incorrect posting to a category for a purchase/sales invoice for which a VAT return has already been submitted.

Before this feature, i could not go in and change the category of a purchase/sales invoice for which VAT return is submitted. I understood that the invoices need to be controlled and if any adjustments need doing then i could do them via journals.

Do you think this feature will compromise the control required for purchase/sales invoices for which VAT return has been done?

I have tested this feature and I still cant change the category in the purchase/sales invoices directly, but i am able to do it via this method.

Hi Sameera,

That’s good to hear, I knew it would be popular amongst accountants and bookkeepers!

Re-coding invoices that have been locked into a VAT return won’t present any problems as you’re not changing any of the underlying net amounts. We only locked invoices before (and continue to do so) as enabling partial edits was not straightforward for us to implement.