Bulk change sales nominal category

Hi, I am completely new to bookkeeping but after a couple of months I am getting more familiar with the system. I have a large number of items tagged in ‘general sales’ and now realise that it would have been much more helpful to use a specific category ‘rental income’.

Other than manually finding, de-tagging and re-tagging each one separately I can’t see a way of changing the category.

Is there a short cut?


When you originally tagged the items did you choose the option something else not on the list and manually post to general sales or did you choose the option Payment from a customer and attribute to a customer name?

I chose payment from a customer and attributed the customer name.

Generally what I would do is just run a journal to split the balance posted to general sales to the preferred categories.

Alternatively you can manually edit each of the invoices nominal category. To do this you would click on the tagged button and follow the link to the invoice then modify. Here’s how to change the sales category. This will be a slow process though so for that reason I’d always use a journal.

So the journal method allows me to split amounts but it doesn’t allow me to select and edit particular items by searching for a keyword in the description field?
Basically I need to re-categorise an unknown (but large) number of ‘general sales’ items to ‘rental income’.
Unfortunately it looks like manually is the only way I can do this.

It does seem to be the type of error any newcomer could make and an easier solution would be very useful.

Thanks for your advice

In most accounting scenarios you’d just journal it. Unfortunately yes if you want to change every invoice this would be a manual process.

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