Bulk Collect and Merged Direct Debit Payments

We are pleased to announce a couple of additional enhancements to our GoCardless (Direct Debits) integration.

Last July we enabled one-off collections to be taken on an invoice where your client has a pre-authorisation in place. We have now extended this feature to work from the main invoice list, thus allowing you to make up to 50 collections at once. This should dramatically cut down the time jumping from one invoice to the next when leveraging Direct Debits for a larger client base.

To use the bulk collect feature you first need to select the invoices for which you want to collect payment.

Then click on the “more options” menu followed by “Collect by Direct Debit”.

A dialogue box will then appearing showing all the invoices to collect payment on, with the total balance and a date upon which the request should be initiated (for deferred collections).

Once you hit the collect button the payment requests will be issued one by one and the corresponding invoice label will go from blue to green once successfully lodged.

Batching together payments from the same client

You will also notice a check box to “batch together payments from the same client”. If you have 3 invoices for a single client then this will effectively issue one single payment request for the 3 combined. This is useful with GoCardless as if the 3 combined exceed £200 then the fee will be capped at £2, which will be less than if the invoices were collected individually and levied at 1%.

GoCardless is an excellent choice for subscription based services and one-off collections over £200 due to the relatively low transaction fees and simple setup process.

If you haven’t had a chance already to explore the GoCardless Direct Debit features please take a look at our official guide here.


Great news @Glenn! Great to see continued development!

However, GoCardless currently charges 1% up to a maximum of £2, rather than 2% (although I always thought it was 2%?)

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Well spotted, thanks!

I’ve corrected this on the original post.

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