Bulk creation of sales invoices

The bulk upload feature for invoices is fantastic, and saves me hours in quarterly invoicing. Thank you! I can also download a CSV of the invoices and squirt them straight over to Directli - which saves me even more hours - even quicker than the GoCardless integration.

So it seems a bit churlish to ask for another enhancement. But some of my clients just WILL NOT accept an invoice unless it is attached as a PDF, and of course I can’t initiate this through the bulk upload. I know your views on this, and personally I agree, but for the dinosaurs amongst our clients could you consider either a default to always attach PDFs on a customer by customer basis, or a flag to attach in the bulk upload file?

Pushing file attachments through our mail-server will have some significant impact on the overall performance of the system. Consider that an email with an attachment can be 100x bigger than one without attachments, it’s pushing a huge slug of information around the web unnecessarily. When someone decides to send 50 invoices at once it queues everything up on our server, so nobody gets their mail until it’s been processed. Also we store these invoices in the Amazon cloud so it needs to be pulled down to our server and then sent out again. It’s a huge waste bandwidth that we ultimately pay for.

I manage a few companies through Quick File and I’ve never met any opposition to this with any of our clients. Sorry, I just don’t think there’s a good case for it.