Bulk editing sales invoices using CSV file

I have used a CSV file to create invoices in quickfile, but forgot to include the shipping costs on about 40 invoices, is there a way I can easily edit all them invoices buy uploading the edited prices again, but with using the same invoice numbers so it knows which invoices to edit.

Do you have this sort of feature on here as it would be handy to have an editing tool?


Hi @john01269,

There is no way to bulk edit the invoices i’m afraid. You would either need to remove them all and do the upload again or go into each individually to add the shipping.

When doing the bulk upload for invoices this is just for one line invoices so if you have shipping ideally you’d want this as a separate line anyway?

I’ve actually got my own invoice system so what I have been doing is just placing the total figure down on each invoice into quick file and then using the same invoice number from my invoice as the invoice in quickfile, the problem I had was that I forgot to include the shipping in the total figure when making the script to download a csv file from my servers database, so the total figure on some of the quickfile invoices was less than should have been.

I have corrected every invoice which took at least about 3 hours, time consuming.

If I did mess up in the future, if I deleted say 50 invoices, is it possible to re-add these 50 invoices again by bulk uploading via a csv file, but using the same invoice numbers as the ones that I had deleted as the invoice numbers would have to be the same as my systems invoice numbers so hmrc can easily match quickfile info with my invoices that contain more information than the quickfile invoices?


Yes. In fact it may have been quicker for you, if you had just deleted all those wrong invoices and then bulk add them back again.

If you go to settings then import data, there is two options. Input sales invoices or sales bulk entry.

One allows you to upload a csv with the correct headings and the other allow you to manually type each invoice in bulk.

You’d probably be able to just copy and paste your data in to the csv file in the right order and just upload it directly.

Paul Courtier so are you saying if I upload 100 invoices by csv file where I notice an error on some of them, I can then just delete all the ones that has the error and then upload them exact same invoices again with the same invoice number as the previously delete invoices, but the only difference is I have corrected the errors? Can this be done?

I know about being able to upload invoices by CSV, that is how I have been uploading them in bulk, but couldn’t see an option how to edit in bulk and thought if you delete an invoice then you can no longer reuse that same invoice number again as it’s an audit trail for HMRC, that what I read somewhere on quickfile forums while looking how to edit in bulk.

So can I delete all and then upload all with same invoice numbers again via csv file again?


Yes I’m not sure if the same inv number can be used. That might be a question for someone else.

Invoices are not deleted, just marked as deleted. They are actually kept for auditing purposes so you can always view them if asked. So no, I don’t think you can just do what you want, you’d need to edit them all. Would be handy if the invoice upload had a skip/overwrite option when uploading duplicate invoice numbers.

I thought as much, yeah would be handy to have an overwrite option, but the invoice number had to stay the same so you just overwrite the invoices with the same matching invoice numbers in your CSV file and any invoice that don’t match a new invoice is created instead.

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