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Bulk entries

I run 20 year old software for my invoicing that isn’t easily transferable to any other software… can I , is it legal to just upload total figures each quarter for my sales and expenses.
Basically create 1 sales invoice for the total sales made in the quarter and 1 expense for all my stock purchases in the quarter .

The detailed invoices will still be on my laptop but it’s impossible to get all this data on to this site…

If I can’t do something easy, I will have to just deregister from vat… it wouldn’t have a huge impact on my small business.

Hi @Stewart_Hill

You may find that the Bridging module would work the best for you - With the bridging module, you would create your VAT return in a spreadsheet and then upload this. Details can be found here: VAT Bridging

With regards to your Questions surrounding the legality of entering the details in a bulk invoice etc I would advise you speak to your/an accountant.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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