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Bulk invoice entry date picker

When using the bulk invoice entry, if you click on the down arrow in the date field, to copy the date to the line below, the data picker box appears. This gets in the way as you don’t want to change a date you just set and copied.

This doesn’t happen on the bulk purchase entry, which works how you would expect.

Hi @John6,

Are you able to take a screenshot of the issue, making sure to remove any sensitive data?


Please can you look at the bulk purchase entry form - there are numerous issues with it including
Downarrow box next to date creates a new entry below (same function as +) instead of dropping down the calendar
On first display, two invoice lines are created and pre-filled with the first supplier, no lines should be created until a supplier is selected at the top of the form.
Random data appears in the invoice line input boxes occasionally, such as “General Purchases” appears in the “Net Amount” box.
Turning on supplier reference screws up lines already entered.
This form is generally very buggy.

There’s a bug post from the other day related to that first issue.

Hi @MrBassMan,

I have merged your post to keep everything in the same place so when we get an update we will post here :slight_smile:

Hi @QFBeth,

Sorry for the delay. Here are some screenshots. Hovering over the down arrow next to the date shows “Copy to the line below”.

However, on clicking the down arrow the datepicker pops up.

Note that the Bulk Purchase Entry form works as expected with no pop up.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @John6

Thanks for the screenshots. I’ve passed these on to our development team.

We’ve rolled out a fix for this issue today. Marking as “solved”.

Thanks @Glenn,

It works as expected now.