Bulk invoice uploads and tagging problems

I upload invoices in bulk and they get posted to the customer accounts ok.
When the payments are made I am unable to tag the actual invoice payment from the bank account and it shows as a prepayment with the invoice still outstanding.
How do I allocate the prepaid amount to the actual invoice within the customer account.

Hi @noelhalsey

From the invoice preview screen, if you click “Log Payment”, you will see an option to “pay from credit”. This will just work on a FIFO basis, so the earliest payment will always be used.

Do you see any error messages relating to this?

Normally when you tag “payment from a customer” it’ll first offer you a list of unpaid invoices matching the amount, and if it’s not one of those then “pay down multiple invoices” lists all the invoices for the relevant client. If you’re not getting this workflow then you must have set up some auto-tagging rules to automatically allocate payments to customers, and you’ll then have to use “apply from credit” as Matthew describes - auto tagging rules can create brand new invoices or assign payments on account, but they can’t automatically attach a payment to an existing invoice. The only way to do that is to tag manually.

Hi thanks.However on the drop down menu from ‘Log Payment’ I am not getting the ‘pay from credit’ option.

That means that that particular client does not have any prepayment balance on their account. Are you sure the actual payments are being properly tagged to the correct customer?

Yes they are correctly tagged. See attached.

There’s two issues here - first “apply from credit” is never available when you’re trying to pay down several invoices in bulk, you have to do a separate “apply from credit” on each one; but more importantly something has got mixed up with the currencies. You seem to have prepayments that are in GBP but the invoices have somehow been created with an unknown currency, and QuickFile doesn’t let you apply prepayments in one currency to invoices in another. If the invoices are supposed to be in GBP then I guess something went wrong in the import process that caused them to be flagged as a different currency, but I don’t know what that might be as I’ve never tried to use the bulk import tools myself.

Edit: the currency issue also explains why you aren’t seeing the matching invoices when you try tagging the bank transactions - if you’re tagging a transaction in a GBP account it’ll only list GBP invoices to match it to.

Thank you, I see the problem it is in the bulk invoice import, I have imported in £ but the system is in GBP and is not recognising the payment against the invoice.
Happy New Year.

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