Bulk move bank transactions from one account to another account?

Hi, Firstly thank you for a fantastic system, i am just finishing my 2013-2014 tax return (as a sole trader) I’m not sure if this is right but I set up my business bank account in the GENERAL BANK section ( for the 1st time i was trying to keep a business account & personal account separate to make it easier for myself) and set up my other personal accounts and accounts of mother & husband who helped finance the business purchases in LOAN ACCOUNTS as this was the only way i could separate everything when trawling through lots of receipts and i could tag them to all the different accounts.

I have not uploaded any statements as i am still new to all this and i have not put any of my personal transactions anywhere. The problem is, in hindsight, i wish i had just put all the business accounts (GENERAL BANK section) purchases & sales in the current account, where there is a small number of purchases that automatically went in there when i started. Is there anyway bulk change the bank account nominal code. As i see you can bulk change nominal codes in categories, Also i had another Loan to the business at the end of the year, should i set that up as a new account in the LOAN ACCOUNT section or shall i just put it through as a new sales invoice? Any help and advice much appreciated.

Yes you can move 50 items at a time using the bulk re-coding tool.

  1. Go to the Chart of Accounts.

  2. Locate the nominal code for the bank account you want to move from.

  1. Drill down into the ledger.

  2. Select the items you want to move.

  1. Now click on the “Move to new code” button.

  1. Select the new bank account, by nominal code or name and save.

That will move all the selected items from one account to another.

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You’re a star, Thank you very much.

Ok, had a slight problem, I am on the chart of accounts and can see all the nominal codes that start from around 4000, which from there onwards is all the nominals codes for CATEGORIES, i cant seem to pull up or find any of my bank accounts on there starting from 1200, could you tell me if you click on any thing else once you are in chart of accounts. Many Thanks

Yes, if you scroll to the bottom these codes are hidden by default, you can expand them by clicking the little plus button.

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Thank you, all done.

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