Bulk pay employees by BACS

Currently pay wages to employees by BACS from bank account so it appears as a single payment on the bank account. I think that would be OK except some are directors and there is a box to tick if the payment is to directors. In future I can make 2 payments one to directors and one to non directors, and then that would work, but I have a couple of payments that have only one entry, how might I deal with this in QuickFile?
I am thinking to create an invoice 7000 gross wages, and 7001 to directors salaries and tag to the payment?

Hi @SulisSilks,

The thing I would do would be to create a Dummy bank account for your wages.

So you would pay the wages from your main account into the Dummy account as a transfer thus creating just the one line on your bank account.

From the Dummy account you are then able to make the two payments required for the directors and non directors.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

No, purchase invoices go into the box 7 total on your VAT return and wages are something that HMRC specifically say should not be included there. The best approach if you want to do anything remotely complex with payroll is to switch “post net wages to balance sheet only” to “on” in your account settings, then create a journal for each pay run that puts all the expenses on the right codes, what you owe to HMRC as a credit on 2210 and the net wages due as a credit on 2220. Then when you tag the bank payments those just go to the same 2220 as a debit to balance things out.

Thanks for that, I’ll try the bank account approach.

Thanks it allowed me to split the payment up. Directors came out in 7001, but there was NIC and tax deducted so I need to look into this some more.

Glad it’s almost sorted it for you, let us know if you need any more help with it :slight_smile: