Bulk Payment Options


I just had an supplier invoice me 13800 over 5 invoices, as agreed i paid them 50% so i paid 6900 and then when i went into the invoice screen and clicked 4 invoices which were a higher total and tried to rewrite the total cost with what i paid (6900) it wouldnt let me. That was on the bulk payment and pay down selected invoices option.

Whats the best way to do this as sometimes we pay a bulk payment that doesnt 100% correlate exactly to each specific invoice.

Would it be possible to make the money value box amendable like when you pay 1 invoice on its own you can write the amount you paid?


Rather than manually lodge the payments, why not locate the £6900 deposit on the bank and tag that directly to the invoices. That way you also don’t need to reconcile your bank later.

Here’s an example:

Thanks Glenn, ill try that in future

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