Bulk Purchase/Sales Date Picker

When using the Bulk Purchase/Sales entry screens how do you get the Calendar to appear when you click on the date box (as it does on other screens)?

Hello @Fairway

I’m not sure the calendar is enabled on these pages. I’ll double check with our development team and come back to you shortly.

You should still be able to manually enter the date however. If you do things in date order, you can use the little arrow next to the date to copy it down to the next line too.

Yes you can manually enter the date, but to enter say 27/03/2018 it takes 10 key entries and that is only after first deleting the current date. I would of thought the point of the Bulk entry process was for speed.

I agree, it definitely makes sense to have this calendar functionality here.

We’re working on adding it in very soon.

I can confirm that this has now been implemented.

Fantastic, very impressed at speed in which implemented.