Bulk sales import £ showing as?

I previously raised this issue:


For some reason, it appears that this issue has caught me out again today and I’m not aware of anything I’ve done differently in creating the files - I think this issue was raised about a year ago and we’ve done nothing differently since to generate our sales sheets.

Would somebody mind taking a quick look at this please and let me know if this is an error your side or mine?



Hi @zappdance

Are you able to send me an example of the CSV file in a private message please?

Click my name, and then click ‘Message’.

I had a look at the two files you sent to @QFMathew.

One is UTF-8 encoded, the other one (with the problems) is ANSI encoded. Not sure if you created these using different software? The ANSI encoded one appears like this when I open it with OpenOffice:

I’ve converted the problematic one to UTF-8 and that will solve any encoding issues. I’ve asked if @QFMathew could return that amended file to you on the private message.

Thank you very much, and for the quick reply.

I think human error is to blame for this if it’s ANSI; my apologies, we take the MS Excel CSV and open in Notepad only to save as UTF-8 as MS doesn’t do this properly. Obviously got missed this time!

Thank you, and sorry for the waste of time!