Bulk tag foreign currency bank transfers


I have one account in EUR and I need to tag all the transactions with a stripe merchant account.
If I go one by one clicking on the TAGME button, it ask me every single time to select the stripe merchant account and the ammount in EUR.
Is there any way to do this using the bulk tag?


Hi @expertoswp

Unfortunately this isn’t possible on foreign currency accounts at the moment. Each transaction needs a paired GBP transaction, so this would need to be entered for each.

That makes the tag process really complex… Any other suggestion?


All our base reporting is in GBP as QuickFile is designed for UK based businesses. It’s important when doing cross-currency transfers that the GBP amount is captured (rather than inferred).

I’ve switched this thread to a feature suggestion for now, If we receive more interest in this feature we can certainly explore some options.

I am an UK based business, with clients in Europe that pays on EUR.
If you allow multicurrency banks, invoices and purchases, imho, the functionality should be completed with transfers between banks.

I am sure multicurrency is not the most common thing for must local businesses but it is the reason I choose your software against others.
And so far it is really good, but there are some details that sometimes makes a user think that the functionality is not completed.

Not sure if it will get more interest… :frowning:

Thank you anyway! :slight_smile:

I am reading the thread again and I want to suggest/ask something
When tagging a EUR bank account and selecting an EUR merchant account as transfer,
why the system does not just pre-load the amount on EUR?
There is no exchange needed at all for that transfer between two accounts with the same currency.
Will that be complex to implement?

I’ll double check this with a colleague and come back to you.

@expertoswp we will have a look at this today, it shouldn’t actually require you to enter the amount in currency if the sending and receiving accounts are in the same currency. We will see if this can be bypassed.


In regards to bulk tagging, would this also be EUR to EUR (or accounts of the same currency)? This is feasible but cross-currency won’t work with bulk tagging as you’d need to enter the individual amounts for each entry.

Hi @Glenn Thank you for the fast reply!

Yes, most of my bulk tagging (and manual) is between same currency, EUR to EUR or GBP to GBP.
I have setup stripe merchant accounts on GBP and EUR, so I pay the invoices with the merchant account but after that I need to go and tag the transfers from stripe to the bank account (same currency again).
Because stripe transfer it daily, I have too many transfers to tag so bulk will be fantastic here too. :slight_smile:

Thank you for considering this improvement. :slight_smile:

let me know if you need more information.

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Hi @expertoswp

I’m pleased to say that this we now support the bulk tagging of transfers between any accounts denominated in the same currency (e.g. EUR >> EUR). We’ve also hidden that box requesting the EUR amount when tagging individually.

I hope that speeds things up for you :slight_smile:


Excellent, this fixes something which is a near term requirement :slight_smile:

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This is amazing!!
Thank you very much for being so fast fixing it!

This will save me hundred of hours of clicking. :slight_smile:

Again thank you. This is great support.