Bulk tagging to different suppliers

I get invoices from a partner where they have paid several invoices and then invoiced our company to claim them back. When trying to tag these invoices from the payment on bank transactions it only allows me to allocate to 1 supplier. How can i ensure that the invoices show as paid without duplicating the records on the bank?

Thank you, is this something that will be amended? It makes things a bit messy for banking

@Parker1090 this is for splitting bank tags over multiple nominal codes. It won’t handle the splitting of supplier or client payments, this in itself is not planned.

@catherine3163 if you are receiving just one invoice and making one single payment, is it necessary for you to split it at all? Do you have the separate invoices for these individual transactions that they are paying?

Oops! I stand corrected! Original post withdrawn.

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there are different jobs on the invoice hence why i have separated so i can tag each one to each job - i am new to quickfile so still getting to grips with it

I would create one single purchase invoice with two lines for each of the two jobs, you can then categorise them separately if you like. You then just need to link the payment on the bank to the purchase invoice.