Bulk Upload Purchase Orders

Is there a way to bulk upload purchase orders please?
Our purchase orders are created on a different platform and due to the set up of the businesses we have multiple Quickfile accounts.
The other system can generate the ideal report but it would be helpful to be able to upload this straight into Quickfile.

Hi @Harriet20,

There isn’t a way to bulk upload purchase orders at the moment, only invoices I’m afraid

Thanks for getting back to me Beth.
Is it something that would be considered for the future please?
Many thanks

Thanks Beth, a bit disappointing though. Something for the future?

Many thanks

Hi @Harriet20,

I have moved this post to a #feature request so that we can monitor interest from other users to consider making changes in the future

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I’m not sure there’s much point in this as the PO is not part of the accounts so isn’t needed. If you already have it externally there is no need to duplicate it in Quickfile. It’s only the purchase invoices that you need to be able to import.

Thank you for your opinion Lurch but our business does have a requirement for it