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Bulk uploading sales - Shopify

We can’t sync our shopify store as we would have to take out subscription wiht a 3rd party to enable it and at the moment this is not something we want to commit to .

My question is if you can not do this , how can we bulk upload sales made via site periodically .

i.e. to get it up to date now creating an invoice for every sale from past 4 months would be a huge job , and then uploading them each week would also take up way to much time.

Any ideas to over come this?

Yes quite simple. Account settings. Import data then select import sales invoices

You can just add them line by line with the date of sale.

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Thank you so much for this really saved me a job

Hi paul

no mater what i do, it says unusable to upload your invoices, do you know what causes this issue ?


Probably haven’t formatted the columns correctly. Might be better to ask an admin and provide them with a sample.

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