Business and private expenses

I recently had to make a small purchase (only £6) of some non-business goods from a local shop using my business debit card. I uploaded the transaction into QF so the £6 appeared as an outgoing
amount from my business current acc. I then did a contra entry (incoming) to make net effect zero. Do these two entries need to show ‘in the books’ or could I just delete them? Any help much appreciated.

Being a sole trader that would be your drawings, you just need to tag initial entry from bank as drawing and delete the second entry

Sorry - perhaps I didn’t make the initial statement clear enough. I was forced to use the business card (as I had no other means of paying for the goods at the time). The items were, in fact, plants and therefore the purchase was 100% private and can not be classed as drawings. In the light of this clarity, what’s the view on the entries showing in my current account?

You appear to be a sole trader so any non-business expenses that appear on your business account you can just tag as a transfer to the proprietor drawings account.

Any private spendings are Drawings, non business expense