Business Mileage - Default Tax Rate

I am new to Quickfile and accounting in general.
I have formed a limited company (not vat Registered) and need to record my out of pocket mileage.
I have read the various topics to date and the user guide. This is helpful to an extent- I have created a supplier Expenses - Approved Mileage as per the guide but the Default Tax rate box does not appear, am I missing something here ? If not how have people worked around this ?
Kind Regardss

I manually work out what the mileage is and what it converts to in financial costs and just log it to the approve miles supplier i have made so not using quickfile to do the actually calculation

Here is our guide on business mileage, which I believe you have already located:

With regards to the default tax rate, are you referring to VAT here?

You aren’t VAT registered so there is no tax rate to set.

Thank you for the reply, How does this affect your end of year balances ?

Hi and thank you for the reply, the guide is different to my page set up, as such is there a difference between what will appear for a VAT and non VAT registered company ?
Yes I was referring to VAT I presume that the default rate with Zero tax (which I don’t seem to have as a page) would simplify matters end of year ?

How is this managed end of year then ?

because i tag this business mileage it records as part of my expedniture but i have to manual calculate the mileage and the amoutn claimed back