Business Type Change

My business type has now changed from Limited to Sole Trader.

Is there anyway to change this without setting up a new account as I still want the same email and user.


There isn’t a way because the two should be kept separate for legal reasons too.

However, you can have your contacts, clients and suppliers copied over (either manually via the back up and import options, or by asking the QF team nicely!)

Some notes about the differences etc can be seen here:

What I would suggest you do, is either set up a secondary email address for the new account (or set the existing account to that one to free up your main one for the new account).

Hope that helps

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Could you please delete my current account and email address so I can register again but through the Sole Trader?


I can’t do anything like that sorry - I don’t work for QF. You can delete your own account though - but you would lose everything. I’m not sure if this would free up the email address, but if you’re looking to delete everything anyway, I can’t see any harm in trying.

But as I said - if you delete your account, you would lose everything, so bear that in mind when it comes to submitting accounts etc.

Here’s a how-to guide:

Ok thank you.

Is there anyway of contacting the QF support team so they can delete the account?


We generally don’t delete accounts on instruction for security reasons. Instead you’d need to log into your account and delete it from there.

If you take a look at the link posted by @Parker1090 this will explain where to go once logged in.

Right ok.

I have now deleted the account.

Can you please let me know when I will be able to use the same account name and email but for the new account.


Let me have a look at this for you.


You should be able to go ahead and reuse the domain and email you use previously. Let me know if you have any problems.

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