Buttons pushed to the right in Firefox

When using Firefox (most recent version) after sending an invoice the ‘Success’ green box appears above the invoice but shoves the other info and buttons over to the right. See attached screen grab.

This doesn’t seem to happen in Chrome.

I’ve passed the information to the development team.


This should be working fine now. Do let us know if you encounter any other problems.

When I preview an invoice then log a payment the title and buttons are pushed off the screen to the right. Recent issue!
Latest Firefox on Mint.
Edit just like this problem

Feature request
Can we log a payment from the create invoice screen in the same way as the create purchase screen works please?

Hi Paul, can you please send me a private message on this forum with your account details?

I have passed this issue on to our development team.

This was fixed and then regressed again, as we did a minor release yesterday that didn’t include the updates. Should all be fine now!

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