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i have downloaded CamScanner to my iPhone. i have taken a photo of a receipt and sent it to "receipts@quickfile.com"

however when look in my receipts hub i can’t see the photo of the receipt. it only has a .txt file

could someone explain in a really easy way of how to use this?

when preparing your quarterly VAT does uploading your receipts take VAT off your return?

thank you for your help

did you send it from the email address that you have registered with Quickfile?

Just re-read, if you mean that the image was uploaded as a text file then that is an issue with the software settings on your phone.

Hi @DavidChurchyard,

I have just cleared the spam box for the receipts mail so if it was caught in there then it will have come through for you.

However if it is only showing as a .txt file then you will need to alter your settings so that it saves the file as a .pdf.

Uploading your receipts is just an attachment it won’t generate anything on quickfile. You will need to create the relevant invoices etc yourself

Anyone using CamScanner on an Android phone at the moment might want to hold off and wait to see how this issue resolves itself:

It must be emphasised that the application itself is not malware or believed to be installing malware but that the possibility is there. There’s no suggestion that the iPhone version is similarly affected. It’s likely that the application will return to the Play store with the vulnerability removed within a matter of days.

Thanks for your input @JohnJ we became aware of this earlier today. We have since appended a notice to the CamScanner KB Article. More recently we’ve been recommending the Dropbox app over CamScanner as it removes a couple of steps, it also now has an excellent document capture module.

Further to this we have a beta version of our own QuickFile App for Android with an iOS version in the pipeline. We’re happy to include any Android users in our beta group for app testing.

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