The QuickFile Android App is here!

Update: The QuickFile app is now generally available to all users. Android and iOS links can be found here:

QuickFile for Apple iOS and Android - Free Accounting Software

Earlier this year we announced that we have started work on a new Android and iOS mobile app for QuickFile. We are pleased to say that version 1.0 of the QuickFile Android app is now ready. Initially we will be releasing the app to a closed group of beta testers, if you’d like to try it out, you can request access by going to Help >> Additional Services within your QuickFile account, and selecting “QuickFile Beta Features”, using the code AZ1B48.

What about iOS?

We have opted to use a technology that will allow us to support Android and iOS simultaneously from a single code-base. With that said there are some modifications that we need to make to ensure a smooth experience for iOS users. We’re working on this now and hope to have an iOS version ready in a few weeks.

What can the App do?

We’re looking at the common use cases where mobile can deliver a better experience than desktop and prioritising the work accordingly to deliver these features. The obvious place to start was receipt capture and tagging. Version 1.0 of the app will allow you to do the following.

  • Capture receipts from the camera or upload from your gallery
  • Tag your receipts with a mobile version of the Receipt Hub tagging interface
  • Access all your receipts from the Receipt Hub and view corresponding purchase invoice metadata.
  • Switch between multiple QuickFile accounts

What’s coming next?

The next stage of development will focus on read-only access to your quotations, invoices and bank transactions. This will allow you to quickly check various things while on the move.

Later we’ll look at the ability to create quotations and invoices from a paired down mobile interface. We’re not planning to have absolute feature parity with the web app but we’ll aim to cover the broader scenarios that will allow you to be more productive on the move.

That’s it for now… We’ll provide further updates on our mobile app journey soon.


Great news, thank you.

Great to hear.

I’m on iOS so happy to get involved when this is available.

Would love to be involved.

Hi @TrishG

I’ll send you a private message now - please look for a green notification in the top right corner.

Hi @QFMathew

I’d love to help test this!

Hi @Oliver_Nash

I’ll send you a private message now :slight_smile:

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I think people are getting a bit giddy and not reading this bit!

It won’t let me send you a message but i would definitely be interesting in testing the app please, i have been with you Since 2014 and being able to test / use the app would be a massive asset for all my invoices!

i be happy to use this as ive got around 20 clients which use this software it would be a great help to me .does this work with iphones ?just looking at the apps and not in the apple store how do i get this plus would we be able to use through affinity programme ?

Hi @jhanks0311

If you drop @QFSupport a message with your Google account email address, we’ll add it for you.

It’s not available for iOS at the moment, but this is coming - see this part of the above post:

It works from logging into the main QuickFile account, so Affinity isn’t needed to use it.

Hope this helps!

It won’t let me message you on here, Would love to beta trial the new app, I have. Lot of tagging etc to do so am happy to report back with any findings

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Hi @The_Graphics_Boat

I’ll send you a private message now - please look for a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

I have 3 different Quickfile accounts for 3 different companies. If I were to install the app, would it let me access all 3?

@jontrev yes once you log into each account from the app, there’s a switching facility in the top left menu.

Please can I beta test

@Colin_Aspinall I’ve sent you a PM to get more info.

Thanks for the clarification. Please can I beta test. thanks.

@jontrev - I’ve sent you a PM to get some more info.

I don’t seem to be able to message @QFSupport as instructed?