Can a customer be a client and a supplier?


Ive edited a new template and ive done an additional trading style. I have a handful of customers who are clients that i raise invoices for. I also in effect purchase and sell the clients product under a self billing agreement.
Id like to therefore create a self billing invoice using the edited trading style that i can send to the client with it saying ‘self billing invoice’ at the top.
The problem is i dont know where or how to do this, if anyone can help please ?

Hi @Scawfell

Suppliers and Clients are both separate within QuickFile. You can create one of each with the same name to represent the same entity, but they would be treated separately.

You can use a contra invoicing account between the 2 to balance out who owes what. There’s more on this here: Contra-Invoicing, Same Customer and Supplier, Netting-off receivables and payables

Self billing clients are just customers. You just raise an invoice on their behalf, that is all. Purcahae invoice in their name.

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