Can I create a payment for multiple purchases

One of our volunteers has purchased items from multiple shops for our Xmas Fayre. I would like to create on purchase and pay her the total but I would need to attach multiple receipts. When I add the first receipt hub entry it wants to match a purchase/payment for the same amount. Do I have to have one purchase per shop/receipt?

There’s three ways you could approach this:

  1. manually create a purchase against a generic “small purchases” supplier from the “new purchase” screen with one line for each of the items, then in the receipt hub when you tag each receipt enter the total purchase amount to get the option to tag. After the first one you’ll have to select the option to show purchases that already have a receipt attached (I can’t remember off the top of my head what it’s called)
  2. From the receipt hub create a separate purchase for each receipt in the normal way, but still make them all for the same dummy supplier “small purchases” and don’t tick the paid box. This will create a set of purchases but leave them unpaid. Now when you make the payment you tag the transaction using the “pay down multiple invoices” option to assign several purchases to the same payment.
  3. Just make each receipt into its own purchase in the normal way and accept that your bank view will show five separate transactions that add up to the right total rather than one large transaction for the total amount. This is still fine for accounting purposes as long as the payment dates are correct.
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