Can I delete a rolledback VAT Return?

I have made a mistake one of my VAT Returns. I rolled it back it but now I cannot create a new period as it says its overlapping with the recalled one. I cant see an option to delete the old one.

Hi @abisoyeosun

Rolling back a return will only do this within QuickFile, it doesn’t recall it from HMRC

I hadn’t selected the MTD Features when i first filled. Is there anyway I can refile for the periods i recalled?

I am trying to refile these periods with MTD features enabled. But its saying " You have a saved VAT Return that overlaps this period (ending 30 Apr 2021). Please rollback any overlapping VAT Returns before proceeding. Show VAT Return list."

you have to submit in chronological order so you may have to roll back the most recent one so that you can submit the oldest one first

I’m abit confused. The periods in the screenshot are the ones that i want to resubmit. I have rolled them all back. Which one would i need to try and submit first?

Hi @abisoyeosun

You need to submit the oldest first and then the most recent last. The one that you’ve submitted for period ending 30.04.21 will stop you from being able to submit any of the previous ones so you’ll need to roll this one back and then once the others have been submitted you can save it again (it’s already been submitted so you won’t be able to submit again, just save)

Thanks, I have done what you said and when I try and resubmit, the following pops up from HMRC. One of periods are missing. - 3/06/19 - 3/04/2020. Do you know why this is case?

Hi @abisoyeosun

The VAT return list will only show the most recent periods.

If you go to Reports >> HMRC >> Select your account >> View VAT Obligations, you can go further back using the buttons at the top of the table.
This should reveal any older periods.

If you are still missing periods you believe are there, unfortunately, you would need to speak with HMRC as they send us the list you see in QuickFile

Thank you both so much! All is resolved now and :slight_smile:

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