Can I hide unit cost/qty in itemised area for estimates and invoices?

Hey Guys,

I’m a self employed electrician who uses estimate/invoice itemisation for the benefit of recording ‘per point’ pricing of my services. However I would prefer it if customers only saw the total price (after listing what they are getting) as opposed to a full cost breakdown.
Is this possible? I’m sure there are many others that may wish to provide estimates/invoices in this way.


Hi @Sparky

You should be able to add the following css to invoices to remove these columns:

.thItems3, .thItems4, .tdItems3, .tdItems4 {
      display:none !important;

To access the css editor, click the invoice template box on the invoice preview screen (top left), and then ‘Customise’.

Hope that helps!

Excellent! That works :slight_smile:
Is there additional code that would hide the total column (not grand total)

Thank you


The line total is column 6, so you can thItems6 and tdItems6 to the CSS, like so:

.thItems3, .thItems4, .thItems6, .tdItems3, .tdItems4, .tdItems6  {
      display:none !important;

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