Invoice & Estimate CSS Again!

I want to remove unit cost & quantity in Estimates & Invoicing.
I’ve read the below post between Sparky & QFSupport in November 2016 but unsure where to insert the string that disables these features.
Do I add this string as a last line entry (e.g. line 196) within Invoice customisation or somewhere in between?
I’m a little apprehensive to experiment in case I make matters worse!

Hi @PeterD

When you’re previewing an invoice/estimate, you should see a green “Invoice Customisation Gallery” in the top left corner. If you click this, it will reveal several templates you can use. Your existing one will be highlighted and include a Customise this template option above it.

Clicking the customise button will reveal a CSS editor on the right hand side of your invoice; simply add that code to the end and apply/save.

I hope that helps!

Thanks, add the code at the end - I’ll give it a go!

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