Can I Pause / Suspend Client Access for Maintenance?

I am migrating a lot of data from another system into QuickFile.
Unfortunately, clients have been set up ahead of the accounting data and have been given access to their account. We have now some complaints about “what is going on” on our account because one minute is in credit but it shows amounts due at the next.
Is it possible to suspend the client access as a temporary measure while we get all our data migrated, please?
Thanks in advance, Alicia

Hi @Alicia

There isn’t a way to pause/block access on an ad-hoc basis unfortunately.

The only way I can think of is to perhaps temporarily change the email address for the client contact (e.g. change to This will keep the record intact, as well as their password and links (unless you specifically select to disable old links), but will prevent them from logging in without the edited email address.

Hi Mathew
Thanks, no worries, we’ll just have to speed up the uploads.
Kind regards

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