Can I receive Invoices Against a Purchase order?

I want to generate a purchase order for a supplier that covers the whole amount agreed over a three month service period.
Then I want to receive invoices from that supplier against this one purchase Order. How do I do this please?
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Aren’t you duplicating your purchases? You either record one purchase invoice and then tag monthly payments against it OR record monthly invoices from supplier and pay monthly

Hi thanks for your reply. (I understand i could create a single PO turn it into an invoice and make stage payments).
But…ideally not in this case, it is one purchase for three months of a Contractor. The PO Is a commitment to the full 12 weeks work. This is (I believe) how it works in Quick Books (sorry for the blasphemy!) for example, when entering a supplier invoice you can do so against an existing P/O with the remaining PO balance being tracked/shown wit a warning if the total of invoices received exceed the PO value. This is likely more efficient for VAT accounting I feel where the monthly amounts are quite large. i don’t really want to create a single PO and turn it into an invoice for £15000 for example, and have all the VAT liability shown in that one period when the monthly supplier invoices received will span VAT periods.
Is this something that could be accommodated?
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For suppliers it is vat reclaim not liability for you
Secondly are you doing vat on cash basis or invoice basis? if its cash then booking one big invoice wont effect you and it its invoice basis then you should be booking suppliers invoice at vat tax point as per invoice

Thanks again, Yes you are right about the reclaim, my mistake. I guess it is more about the commitment to the supplier that I am concerned about. the purchase order forms an agreement to use their services. If it is not a possibility then I suppose a workaround would be to issue multiple purchase orders covering the period, and then convert those one at a time.
Might be a bit easier and cleaner to use one PO and register multiple invoices against it tho, don’t you think?
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QF has option to create estimates and Quotes for sales but not purchase order, perhaps you can create manual purchase order for this supplier and use that reference in monthly purchase invoices.

Purchase orders, delivery notes, warehouse inventory records, purchase invoices, payables, all this audit trial stuff are designed for big set-ups, generally small businesses with a little team dont really need this extensive data flow

Hi Both

Although I run my own web design and hosting company, I have worked in Accounts for a very large company using the SAP system, so I know (and agree with) the function which Gary relates to, and I can understand his view point.

The way it has operated primarily, is that by raising one Purchase Order, the budget for that supplier and project is set. You then process invoices as and when, like a “Call-off order”. I guess this could be seen as more a large enterprise idea rather than small business??

I have noticed though that whilst typing this post I am using a lot of SAP terminology… that is what 8 years of using SAP does to you I guess… :smile:

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SAP, Oracle, Sage products and few more smaller market software can do this purchase order costing control. It can be integrated in Quickfle but not sure if that is feature widely in demand.

This is it. I guess that because I have worked in a large organisation using big systems like SAP, I think too much as if I was running a large business myself, over-thinking I guess :smile:

Hi Both
Tom, thanks for your input, you explained it better than I did! :smile:
This is not unusual for a smaller business in my experience, especially in the service arena where people are selling each other all over the place for a margin.
I suspect there are others who could make good use of this functionality. Would you consider adding this feature to QuickFile?
(Do you have a formal Feature Request section?)
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Yes , you can create a new post with this feature details in Features category

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