Can i run LTD company accounts and personal account from one quickfile login, or do i have to have separate?


Im new to quickfile and have just created an account for testing purposes.

I have a LTD company and do building work for customers. I have lots of receipts from suppliers for building materials.

I also have rental properties that are nothing to do with my LTD company.
I get less receipts from suppliers which again are for building materials for repairs.

I also renovate properties which then either get sold or rented out.
I have receipts for building materials for this too.

Each item currently goes in my accounts separately.
I hand my accountant a spreadsheet with purchases for my ltd company, purchases for my ongoing rental properties, and purchases for any refurbishments on new properties which are going to be sold or rented.

The refurbishments and rentals are done in joint names with my partner, the ltd company is serparate and does building work for clients.

Can i split off these 3 sections is one quickfile login and separate the purchases into 3 different sections? This would be handy if i could because i have somebody input my receipts and sometimes they put them in the wrong section. If they are all under one roof i could just select the purchase and transfer it from LTD Company accounts over to Rental accounts.

I hope that makes sense?

What would be the best way of going about that?

Limited companies are separate legal entities and as such should always be kept distinct from personal finances, so in this case you will need separate accounts. Hope that helps!

thanks for the reply.
i was hoping to be able to do it all in one place only because of the amount of receipts i have for building materials and sometimes they get put in the wrong section and have to be moved.

if i run 2 separate quickfile account, one for ltd company and one for personal lettings, can i ‘export’ my purchases from one account into the other without much fuss, or would i have to actually delete them from one and then manually add them into the other?

if i could select all the purchases that were in the wrong accounts, then export them including attached images, and then import them into my other quickfile account i would be happy doing that.

You can’t do that i’m afraid, if you enter the receipts into the wrong account, you will need to delete them and re-enter into the correct account, it seems to me that you need to keep your paperwork separate for each individual entity, it’s always best to sort out the receipts for the correct entity before you begin to enter them.

As Glenn stated you need to manage a separate Quick File Account for each business entity.

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