Can I show zero shipping costs on an invoice?

Hi all,

We are running a LTD not VAT registered. On a Sale, is possible to invoice Shipping cost at ZERO? It is legal? We are selling items and adding shipping cost for free, which is a cost for us.

We are adding the currier company service invoice as a cost.

Thank you in advance

No dont think invoices will show 0 amounts.

But you could add two lines

Add the shipping and its cost. Then 2nd line with discount and minus the same cost. End result is the same. But it will show you have removed the shipping cost on the invoice.

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As long as the overall invoice isn’t 0, then 0 value lines should work without any issues.

But a better way to show it might be the discount line as @Paul_Courtier suggested, as it shows a saving for the customer too :slight_smile: