Can I Unhide a Hidden bank Account

I hid several bank accounst to clean up the summary banking screen itself. However, I still want to use a bank account when Paying for a purchse but it is no longer in the list

Is it possible to UNHIDE a bank ?

You can’t un-hide a single account, but under “more options” at the top of the main bank summary screen there is a menu item to un-hide all your hidden accounts (and then you can go through and re-hide the ones that you want to stay hidden).

Thanks Ian - But it seems that it only shows them temporarily. They still have a “Hidden” tag on them.

And when trying to assign them to a payment (on the purchases screen) they are still not in the list of payment options

ok found it… After showing from the top of the screen, you then go and select the one you want to permanently un-hide through its own options


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