Can I use Receipt Hub for income too?

Most of our income is invoiced in a normal manner, but I get a few unscheduled payments each month that are royalties, or payments to us for goods or services that come through bypassing our usual system for some reason. They are typically Paypal sums of very low values.

At the moment I forward the notification emails to my Receipt Hub to remind me to create an invoice to log these small incomes, which seems a bit clunky. Is there a way to do that in much the same way as I would log purchases by tagging the receipt and allocating it to a suitable account category?

The Receipt Hub works only with expenses and receipts and can only be used to create purchase invoices, not sales invoices.

As this is income I would imagine the best way to handle this is to just tag these entries on your bank as and when they come in, usually in the case of commission you would receive a remittance advice slip although there’s no requirement to tag this against your sales invoice.

Hmm, they don’t always come through our main business account though, hence me worrying about losing track of them. Looks like I need to work out a more sophisticated way of linking up various accounts. Thanks for the reply!