Can only access the client area when logging in

Hi I tried to set up an account and did this under the name Gilzean electronics. I accessed and loaded an invoice into the system. I made some mistakes on the way I spelled the company name. I now cant get back in to anything other than the client area. how do I get back in to play with the invoicing feature. please. this looks good but I am just thick at using it . can I still adjust the company name which I spelled wrong

regards Ivan Gilzean

Hi @ivanrobert

I’ve fixed this for you - you should now be able to log in as normal at the same address to access the admin side of things.

For reference, the issue here was a client with the same email address as the administrator.

If you need to change any of the company details, you can go to Account Settings >> Company Settings

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much I am totally new to this but wish to move my business forward . I am impressed so far .

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Sorry still unable to log in . think I did this at the wrong time of day . invalid credentials shows.

If it’s showing “Invalid Credentials”, it would mean either your email address or password is incorrect. If you can’t remember your password, simply click the ‘I forgot’ link on the log in page.

If you can’t remember the email address you used, we have a log in checker here. This will allow you to supply and email address, and we’ll send you an email detailing all the accounts that you have linked to that address.

Tried all that was suggested still cant log back in with any email name , all come up as invalid . IM SINKING FAST.

Regrets I still cant login . the email was of course invalid as a return email. when logging in I get no credentials for this email. so sorry to be a nuisance. would it be possible to wipe and start the process afresh.

Still unable to re log or do anything with my Gilzean electronics account. I will await further info as and when you can deal with the issue. I cant use the email ******* as it does not exist as a valid return email as it was a typo error.
off to bed soon will have to try again tomorrow. I need to get this on the go and I am happy to pay for its professional use as I wish to change the way I invoice customers. the system I am sure will work for me after I get around the teething problems.

Hi all I have set up an account and made several mistakes I still cannot log in under the email I believe I put in correctly.
please any advice welcomed I am new to this type of idea but when I get my head around it I am sure I will succeed.
I have tried to re enter details bur still no log in. thanks in advance,

@ivanrobert - my colleague replied to your support ticket last night. Please check your email inbox for further information regarding your account.

I’ve also removed your email address above as this is a public forum

Sorry tried everything you suggested still unable to log in. as I inputted the email in error I cant see the solution you are sending either, please can you completely wipe the account and I will re register using a valid email. I made the mistake on typing . if this is not possible please advise and I will simply not bother.

Hi @ivanrobert

No problem. We can certainly arrange for the account to be deleted. I’ll send you an autorisation email to the email address we have on record for you to proceed with this.

I notice my colleague replied to your ticket with a query regarding the email address. If this is incorrect, please respond to the email there and we’ll get that updated for you.

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