Can someone explain who I add into clients for daily takings?

I’m quite new to Quickfile and the world of accounting as a whole.
I’m not too sure on how I add under the clients part on a sales invoice. Furthermore, I run a business which provides a service so it wouldn’t be practical if I did an invoice for every transaction. I usually total it up for the whole day so I just log in one large transaction rather than many micro transactions.
Who would I say is the client on the sales invoice?

Thank you!
All input and advice is appreciated!

Hi @alexander

Do you get your sales figures from a till or report of some sort (e.g. from an e-commerce site)?

It’s common for these to be logged under a generic client such as “Daily Takings”. We have a few guides on how to account for this, including a guide on our “Cash register tool” which can speed up your entry:

Hope that helps, but please let us know if you have any further questions.

Yes it did! Thank you so much

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