Can’t log into account at all

It seems to be a common question on the forum so I hope someone can help me. I set up a QuickFile account today and for some reason once logged out I was unable to log back in again.

I am definitely using the correct URL, the correct email address, and the correct password.

It’s quite alarming that I put personal documents into the account and now I can’t get access to it, and when I try to reset my password, it says no accounts exist!

I’ve emailed, but the forum seems a quicker way of getting a response. Please help!

Thank you.

Hi @helengray

Welcome to QuickFile!

I’ve had a look for your account based on your ticket that you sent in. The account does exist, but there’s a different email address on the login to the one you’ve contacted us from.

Let me send you a private message so we can go through some security questions and help you regain access.

You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

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